Gut Paks rule supreme at Vitek’s BBQ – Waco, TX

Gut Pak at Vitek's BBQ

I love when people come to visit me here in Austin, as it’s always great to spend time with friends and family from out of town.  I really enjoy the opportunity to show them around and introduce them to the great things Austin has to offer, especially the food.  However, I was recently posed with finding a place to eat in a foreign town, yes I’m talking about you Waco.  My cousin, who resides in Denver, travels extensively for his job and when he happened to be spending a week in Ft. Worth we decided that the best idea was to meet for dinner somewhere in the middle to help split the drive time.  Since Waco isn’t necessarily know for its food like some other larger cities in Texas, it led me to this question:

Where’s a good place to eat in Waco, TX?

After extensive research no single place jumped off the map at me as a must visit restaurant in Waco, until I finally came across the website for Vitek’s BBQ.  Being established nearly a century ago (1915) provided the first sign of hope that I may have found something.  Beyond that I see that they have a 40′ mobile trailer used for Baylor game days and catering events.  I like it.  I see they have a signature menu item called a ‘Gut Pak’.  I can dig it.  Finally I see that they celebrate ‘Third Thursdays’ in their Biergarten.  Wait a second, isn’t our meetup in Waco planned for the third Thursday of this month?  Why yes indeed, Vitek’s BBQ it is!

Third Thursdays in the Biergarten at Vitek's BBQ

Third Thursdays at Vitek’s BBQ in Waco, TX

On the third Thursday of each month Vitek’s BBQ has a party in their outdoor ‘Biergarten’.  Songwriter Jeff Posey hosts Waco’s original monthly dinner concert and showcases different guest songwriters every month.  Stop by for the party between 7-9pm for some live entertainment to accompany your BBQ and Beer.

Gut Paks and Guitars in the Biergarten

Vitek’s signature menu item is the infamous ‘Gut Pak’ consisting of: Fritos, Cheese, Chopped Beef, Beans, Sausage, and a couple slices of bread.  Pickles, onions, and jalapenos are offered on the side if desired.  Basically a frito pie on steroids, it’s easy to see why this is their signature menu item, both at their restaurant and from their 40′ mobile food trailer dubbed ‘The Gut Pak Shak’.  This hearty meal gives you a little bit of everything, it is well concocted, satisfying and would make the perfect tailgating fuel for those Baylor football home games.

BBQ Sampler Plate from Vitek's BBQ

So if you find yourself in Waco on the third Thursday of the month, definitely stop in to Vitek’s BBQ for ‘Gut Paks and Guitars in the Biergarten’.

Vitek’s BBQ Website  |  Facebook Page

1600 Speight Ave. – Waco, Texas – 76706 

254.752.7591  |